QuadrixIT’s Security Testing Services address the numerous mission-critical information security challenges faced by our enterprise clients throughout the world.  To effectively address an application’s security vulnerabilities, QuadrixIT offers Web Application Penetration Testing service, which includes comprehensive tests to discover vulnerabilities and to determine risk index of the application.

Network Security Assessment service is a comprehensive review of an organization’s network.  This service includes both the external infrastructure as well as the corporate network.  Based on the vulnerabilities found, the security posture of the customer’s network is determined and reported.

Product Security Testing has the capability to break the security mechanism built into the product, identifying scenarios where the application fails, behaves abnormally and can withstand the attack/exploit.  These services also include critical analysis, testing, and performance reviews of industry-standard security products and services.

Finally, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Scan service evaluates an organization’s compliance to the PCI DSS requirements.  The security services provided by QuadrixIT address the risks on the applications and network of the customer.

Our Information Security Solutions include:

• PCI QSA Assessment
• Network Reconnaissance
• Internet Penetration Testing
• Ongoing Vulnerability Management
• Console Audits
• Digital Forensics
• QoS – Quality of Service Network Assessment/Optimization
• Social Engineering
• Physical Penetration Testing
• IP Telephony Penetration Testing
• Network Database Testing
• Web Application Security Assessment
• Wireless Network Reconnaissance
• Wireless Network Penetration Testing
• Dialup Penetration Testing
• Compliance Audit
• Password Policy Testing
• Strategic Security Assessment
• PCI Strategic Security Assessment
• HIPAA Security Assessment
• ISO 27000 Security Assessment
• Security Program & Policy Assessment
• Information Disclosure Testing
• Malware & Hacker Detection
• Malware and AntiVirus Detection Testing, Analysis, & Performance Reviews
• Payment Card Industry Scans
• Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
• Risk Analysis and Business Impact Analysis
• Firewall and Router Protection
• Testing of Controlled Access (Intranet)
• Testing of Secured Access Applications & Services
• Independent Security Product Comparative Analysis & Reviews

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