Ensure total quality for your websites and applications by getting your software and web sites quality certified before your customers find problems.  Our software QA testing services include everything from complete functional testing, large-scale performance testing, and security testing.

If you have developed a software application or outsourced your software development then we can help you ensure that your product or service is of the utmost quality and ready for you and your customers.

We provide superior-skilled quality assurance solutions and staff to satisfy your project’s specific requirements.

QuadrixIT uses the latest state-of-the-art software testing methodologies and tools to ensure superior quality for your final product.  Whether your team is employing Agile software development or using a waterfall process, we can integrate with your team (off or on-site) to reduce your defects.

Top-Notch Quality Assurance Without Top-Notch Costs
QuadrixIT provides highly skilled and professional computer software testing staff for your company.  With the high costs of finding and retaining an in house Quality Assurance department, QuadrixIT can significantly reduce those software development costs by providing the staff that you need only when you need it.

We understand that software quality assurance can be a great financial investment, and staffing those needs can be one of the most expensive requirements in getting a successful product to market.  Sometimes outsourcing is not always the answer for satisfying client needs in bringing a quality, timely, software product to market.  Language barriers, time zones, communication, and technical competency can vary greatly with staff from typical outsourcing environments.  QuadrixIT can help solve those needs.

Domains Supported

• Web based
• Application based
• Integrated Hardware & Software
• Apple and Android Smartphones and Tablets
• Smart Card

Software Testing Services

• Performance & Stress Testing
• Benchmark Testing
• ITIL Compliance and Testing
• Test Automation Scripting and Execution
• White Box (code review, code level) Testing
• Black Box Testing
• Compatibility Testing
• Localization Testing
• Usability Testing
• Metrics Development
• Problem Tracking System Management and Implementation
• E-Mail Deliverability Audits & Configuration
• Server Infrastructure Performance Audits
• Lab Provisioning
• Documentation Services

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