Vendors commission QuadrixIT to conduct technology certification testing designed to validate the vendor’s marketing message and technical requirements.  Vendors also commission custom competitive testing versus rival offerings.

An industry-trusted “QuadrixIT” certification informs buyers that the vendor’s solution has been independently verified, eliminating any doubts or concern that buyers may have.  This also minimizes “leave behind” demo units for vendors.  Client engagements often focus on custom testing that includes:

• Competitive head-to-head analysis
• Single product performance reviews
• Ease-of-use examinations
• Performance testing
• Independent audits

All “QuadrixIT Certified” projects are guided by QuadrixIT’s Fair Independent Analysis Charter to ensure testing integrity and fairness, which ultimately translates into data results that are trusted by the user community.  Conducting fair, accurate and well-documented tests has been a cornerstone of QuadrixIT’s mission since the company’s inception.

End-User Services

While our most visible work is that which we do for IT vendors, QuadrixIT also provides technology certification, strategic consulting and Proof of Concept testing services to end-user organizations.

Whether private sector, education or government in North America or around the world, QuadrixIT can help your organization make the right decision in your information technology acquisition projects.

We can assist you with:

• Evaluating RFP responses
• Building your RFP
• Building your test plans
• Evaluating test results
• Selecting your “short list”
• Proof-of-concept testing – in our lab or yours
• Interfacing with technology vendors

Contact us for a solution to your company’s IT test and certification needs.